The Internet of things: Vision2030 according to Daniel Njuguna

Internet of Things

An interesting interview by Lolani Kalo of Nation Media Group unearthed innovator Daniel Njuguna from Kiambu county who has single-handedly managed to integrate his mobile phone  with home made appliances and gadgets that perform a number of domestic functions e.g. Security and even domestic chores like handling of clothes on the washing line (boy do i need this).

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This innovation is a precursor to what has been described as the internet of things where appliances and gadgets will soon be interconnected through the Internet. In countries like Kenya where mobile use is prevalent then we expect that solutions such as the one Daniel has created could be feasible and commercial.

Daniel should perhaps link up with the Innovation Society of Kenya whose chairman is Morris Mbesta of the car tracking device fame. Daniel and other innovators out there can contact @moufriq who is legal advisor at the same society.