Christian Kakoba says CrowdPesa helps you find those M-Pesa Agents and ATM’s

CrowdPesa: Mapping Mobile Money

Have you ever been somewhere stuck and frustrated because you had no money or perhaps you lost your wallet? I know I have…Well the 12th of December will be your lucky day as CrowdPesa currently on Beta will be launching it mobile service. According to this blog post on Mckinsey [] Vote for Chris there by liking the post.

CrowdPesa is a mobile application that allows you to locate the nearest mobile money distribution point  be it Mpesa, ATMS or even Bank Branches. This is because the growth and use of mobile money solution has brought innovations and revolutionized the way people approach mobile money ecosystem, mobile banking but also m-commerce. Today the impact of mobile money solutions like M-Pesa in Kenya has given Africa a new and positive future. CrowdPesa is a Web and Mobile application with a mapping system that allows businesses to locate themselves in a map and facilitate users to find the location of the nearest financial service on their mobile phone. Our goal is to map financial services around the world to allow our users to do their transactions easily and to not only save time but also to rely on our service. We aim to propel our services to a global perspective through partnership with different network operators such as Safaricom in Kenya, Samsung, Western Union, Moneygram, as well as various banks, financial and research institutions. Let’€™s join our hands and spread mobile money around the World for a Connected Future. Welcome to

In this video Christian Kakoba @kryskaka the Manager and Co-Founder of CrowdPesa explains how the service works and explains how it will help you in those sticky and broke situations.

Well over to you Chris….

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