The challenge of building “African” platforms…

Picture by The Economist

What is an African platform? What does it look like? and perhaps more importantly what does it do? Will it address a Need or a Want?

What exactly will make it African? Will it work elsewhere in the World? or Will it address uniquely African problems?

What are uniquely African problems?

Is there such a thing as an African Market Place? If so Where is it?

These are questions one must ask themselves in the quest of building “African Platforms”.

I subscribe to the view that the African Platform will be Mobile and it is on this canvas that relevant applications/services will emerge and those that will win will be those that help “The African” ┬áthrive and not simply survive.

This is because if there is one things Africans share in common is hope for the future.

So get started with a local opportunity and then watch how it may just affect the World.