Information is Power: The story of Zack Matere goes viral on youtube

Information is Power

Hey guys check out this story of Zack Matere a guy I met on Facebook who almost seems to have a new innovation up on his timeline whenever I look at it. Sooner rather than later this fella’s genius was bound to get noticed as this story has gone viral on youtube with almost a million views when I last checked. This goes to show that Kenyans continue to trail blaze with innovation and now according to his own words on skunkworks…

Hallo skunkers,

I have been invited to this event after a great response to the video i did with google.

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this is an event for innovators and among the speakers are Ed Catmull
Co-founder of pixar, Marissa Mayer google V.P  and Steve Case founder
of A.O.L.

Randy haykin the convener of the event is an angel investor with a portfolio of 200 Million Dollars guys this is big and i have the opportunity to pitch for my leo network of noticeboards do so effectively i need a team to coach me and an orgarnisation to partner with in creating a serious presentation in January .
The leo noticeboard idea is simple but powerful because it enables immediate access to digital content for rural villagers without much input in capital.

You can hit up Zack on Google Plus as that is his only publicly available profile.