Announcing Whiver a way for you to talk to the web.

Information Stream

One of the challenges Kenyans and Africans face, which is also  often talked about in forums such as the recent Mobile Monday (MoMo see here and here ) at the iHub is how to bridge the information gap within and between people in our Kenyan and African context.

Jessica Colaco has been a huge proponent of the mobile web and has suggested that users and developers need to get together to scale ideas into projects  that can be fine tuned to meet the growing demand for information amongst the Kenyan people.

What we are proposing to do with is to extract conversations from our larger platform and sort of go on a meet the people tour.

Ideas such as Jessica’s of connecting data to researchers as well as others ideas of connecting users to publishers/content providers is key and any platform that does this in our own local context should be encouraged.

Indeed developers in Kenya should not be lethargic when approaching social media but should come up with new ways of spreading the gospel of innovation and community. Think of Makmende use of social media as one such example.

In this regard we at have come up with a platform (due to be on Beta to our users shortly) that will.

  1. Show trending conversations in Kenya and Africa.
  2. Allow one to many and many to many conversations.
  3. Encourage community and innovation through our Free Ads gateway.

We hope you can Join us at Signup [Click Here] and we shall send you an invitation to try this service.

God Bless Kenya.