Breaking News: Safaricom moves towards an App Store

Safaricom Inabamba

Safaricom has finally decided to listen to Kenyan developers (including myself) who have been shouting ourselves hoarse about the need for them to begin moving towards coordinating or collecting Kenya’s vast developer talent into one central location or platform.

They have done this by partnering with Strathmore University which is by far the leading institution in terms of training software and web developers. I know this because I was lucky enough to go there and get good training in this domain.

I am also one of the few who has been calling for this exact move (see here and here) not because I am the seer of Kariamandu but also because I have about 3 Apps if given the right environment and access to Safaricom’s data can make me move one step further from the poverty line.

In addition Safaricom cannot afford to hedge its future on voice it needs to move aggressively and decisively into the App cloud space where it can perpetually make the billions it so cleverly makes going forward.

Those of you who are now bubbling with excitement about this move can develop your ideas with us at … We sign NDA’s to protect your ideas from the ever present hawks…

Safaricom has also partnered with Equity to create a new Banking Cloud App called Mkesho.  If only Safaricom was as regional as Zain  Kenyan applications would have a access to a larger market.

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About John Karanja

I am the Founder of BitHub Africa a Blockchain Accelerator providing Consultancy and Incubation services for individuals and firms interested in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. I am also a Director at Space Kenya Networks Ltd which is a company I co-founded in 2008 that provides work space for businesses and startups operating in Nairobi. I have been awarded the Vision2030 ICT Award 2011 for Innovation in Youth and Gender Sector by the Kenyan Government.
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  • patricia

    That is great news, it will open up a whole new field for developers to tinker with code and maybe make some money. There are alot of developers out here who are very ready to do such apps. I hope they can implement this apps store sooner than later.

  • Irene

    this is a very positive development for us in the software field!!!

  • felix

    Encouraging i must say….but the math is how do you gain as developers.As developers we need be careful not to be used to keep the lions awake how do we eventually benefit…any insight

  • cyril

    Nice move. The mobile phone appears to be the favourite tech tool for most Kenyans, and mobile apps are sure to find a market in the millions of subscribers. I hope terms will be very favorable to developers. Time to brush up the code 🙂

  • John Karanja

    @patricia i know you are bubbling with excitement about this. Get your apps ready.

    @irene when can we see something from you.

    @felix not all developers will gain, only those with solid business cases and useful apps or mad luck will benefit.

    @cyril yes it is time to brush up the code.

  • David Rogo

    It can work but lets wait and see, the issue is the revenue sharing with the apps developers..if it aint fair they wil not succeed but apps developers are quite many in Kenya.

  • Wanja Ngunjiri

    i don’t think its hype, i’ll just say that the ball is on our court to develop relevant commercially viable apps. Safaricom has 10 million subscribers, do you have an app relevant to 1 million subscribers. If so, even if you got 5 bob per subscriber, that’s 5 million! and if we as kenyans don’t do it, the mzungus and mhindis will fly in and do it. safaricom will succeed, with or without us! best believe it.

  • Zack Matere Lusitche

    no its nots the apps developers its the apps developing .kenyans main app is ‘please call me’ while most developers have smart phones