African Mathematics

africanmathematicsThe impact of African mathematics brought to the world the binary system which has brought about digital technology and circuitry. In this very Interesting talk Ron Eglash talks about how Africans made use of fractals mathematics in their village design and how this knowledge governs African Design and Architecture to date. Thankfully African Fractals are being used by schools in Africa and America to better teach mathematics and understanding of the binary system.

See more hereĀ and watch the video below.

  • Jellyfish

    Hi John.

    This is amazing stuff. I will send KE a link becoz yesterday on twitter he commented that the 700 million black Africans have never invented or produced anything. Do U use the same twitter name as your name?

    Fractals are fascinating mathematics that resemble the Chaos theory. I think Africans can find very unique answers to their problems by looking at traditional knowledge.